Thursday, 16 May 2013


Assalamualaikum and hye guys :D

How u been doing? I hope all of u in a good mood and have a splendid life,

Well much to take in right now..I do not know how to start, I don't even think I wanna start thinking about it but the urge inside me wanna write it so bad cause I never told anyone about it. So I'm gonna spill it here, yeah....

Everyone has a dream right? Even it is little but I'm very sure each and everyone of you have your own dream right? So do I... I'm actually sad and I don't know how to describe how i feel right now. K to be honest I have this wonderful splendid beautiful dream in my life, I really wanna accomplish it I really do, I'm in the process of doing right now..but at the end of the day I will always told myself can I do it? Can i even accomplish it? Can I really do it? even after I really achieve it will it make any difference in my life? Sometimes just thinking about this make my eyes teary and my mood down, make me feel like theres no motivation... Have you guys even feel like that? Like one day u so sure of everything are going to be okay and the next day you just stare and think can u even make it? what will happen next? what if you fail? I hate when that kind of things happen, and to be honest this dream of mine including someone that I love so much right now and I hope and I pray to myself that I love this man as long as I can, and I just dont know, :'(

Have u ever feel so small like everybody has their own speacility and u just stood there wish u has something that they have, have u ever feel like life is so unfair to you not in every aspect but in certain point of view and you wish you could just change it and have u ever feel like theres nobody love you even though you got the whole family who loves you and your friends, have u ever feel so empty inside sometimes u just wander why is wrong with u? Have u ever feel somebody is always better than u? Have u ever feel like u wanna go to someplace and start new? I hate when that kinda things happen to me, Sometimes I hate myself for being like that, I will always try to comfort myself but sometimes I fail and end up crying, to be honest I have the wonderful family in the world, the best siblings,parents.cousins, friends but I dont why that things kept wandering in mind its not healthy.haha but I just wanna spill it here, cause I know nobody going to read it.Im just a mess right now so thats why Im writting this kinda story,

I just wanna make my life the best and full of it :)

so long friends, have a good time and always believe in god and rely on god in whatever you do.

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