Friday, 16 November 2012

New Zealand #2

hahaha okay,supposedly i blog about my vacation when im in New Zealand but guess what i have no time,haha a bit busy here and there and blablablabla so on, I don't want to mumble,hahaha, okay so i wanna share my first experience in fishing in New Zealand

Okay first of all New Zealand is a country where all the activities depend on the weather, every morning my uncle and my aunt will watch the weather forecast to know what is the weather will be like, unlike Malaysia we dont ever bother on how the weather is and we just keep going everywhere.

So that day we went fishing there is no rain and the wind is just nice for boating, sailing, fishing and so on. Ohh i forget to introduce my uncle, he is a New Zealander, he is kiwis, his name is Rod Oehlers and my aunt is Malaysian and when they get married my aunt went and live in New Zealand with my uncle, its a very interesting story on how i get on vacation in New Zealand.

*flashback one month ago*

My aunt and uncle went to Malaysia one month ago because my aunt miss the whole family very very much and also my uncle's company in Singapore had something (im not quite sure what was it), okay so we get to meet them after a long time. All of my cousins, relatives went to their house, so one of the night my aunt me "Mira, when do you start your sem holiday?", and i said 15 October and she said "Do you want to go to New Zealand with me?", and i was like "Seriously.OH MY GOD, i would love to but i gotta tell my mom n dad first", so immediately ask my mom and dad, and they said yeah why not. Seriously at that time i was fill with joy, felt like im in cloud 9,hahaha, so that is the story on how i went to vacation in New Zealand.

okay back to the fishing story,
We went to my uncle's boat as he got his own boat it is called 'Extreme', it is a big boat, it has one queen bed,1 single bed,a stove, microwave, oven and it is so so so comfortable, I couldn't ask for more and im so excited to get in a big boat like this,hahahahahah *too excited and im doing the derp face*

okay so we went to the middle of the sea and it is in spring weather and the temperature was about 15 degree and needless to say i LOVE LOVE LOVE the weather there, seriously its like a natural air-conditioner, haha okay get back to the story... I never fish and never hold a fishing rod seriously, so when uncle Rod gave me the fishing Rod and taught me how to handle it, I was quite nervous and kept asking uncle Rod when i supposed to know the fish eat my bait and he said just relax u will know it when the rod's got moving, okay so i wait about 10 minutes....


I felt something moving and right away i pull up the fishing rod and Johan (my cousin) taught me how to pull up and as i pull up,i couldn't believe it, i got 2 fish at a time,hehehe im soooooo happy,muehehehehe i get 1 red snapper (ikan merah 27 cm) and 1 yellow tail (ikan selar kuning). weeeheeeee, and after that uncle Rod put the bait and i fished again and BAAAMMMMMMMM same thing happen but this time i get 2 yellow-tail fish :), so the conclusion i get 6 yellow-tail fish and 1 red snapper. 

Pretty damn good for a beginner aite :P

and guess what? I swam in the 15 degree sea water, hahahaahah so cold but i freaking enjoy every moment of it :)

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