Friday, 14 June 2013

New Beginning

Assalamulaikum and hey guys,
how have u been? I hope its fine and good,
Like the title sounds so does the post Im gonna make, well I'm back in UTM after 2 solid month of overjoyed holiday, woohhooo haha so the 3rd sem begin, Im quite happy and quite sad at the same time why because I can start to learn again and gain new experiences and meet my  friends, sad yeah because my  best friends 4 of them is not here, it feels so different you know like theres a hole in and you feel so empty even though there so many people around you, I hope Im strong but the moment they came and met me that day wenesday I couldnt help it but cry like a child who couldn't get their candy yeah you maybe think whatever you want to but Im telling one thing for sure, in my part of life friends is kinda pretty big deal thing to me, so yeahh but Im lucky though cause I still have Auni and nab,pia,shafiah and others, I hope I make the right decision to turn down the degree offer, If im about to make the wrong decision then Im gonna make the best of it, hye who knows sometimes wrong decision led you u to somewhere amazing :D.

So im alone without roommate, at first yeah I thought its kinda scary but after awhile hey its kinda good you know with all the privacy I get,haha its kinda cool, I can do anything and no one seems to care about it,hhahaah, I hope this sem I gonna make it, with Allah's will I gonna try my best and rely everything to Allah, :)

So long guys gtg,kinda tired typing,zzzzZZZzzzz

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