Saturday, 27 July 2013


Assamualaikum adik ,

well first akak sorry x dapat balik minggu ni eventhough akak dah promise minggu lepas, well akak x leh avoid cause asiignmnett banyak and my team mates need me.

Okay sooo theres gonna be your trial, all I want to say here is that u can do it dik, u can, eventhough there is so many people around u say that u couldn't always remember PROVE THEM WRONG! and u have this person, your sister that will always support you no matter what, stop comparing yourself with me,  I hate when u do that, I hope u can stop it,

Listen, Allah create every human being in very unique way, I have my own speacility and u have your own and I have flaws so do u, but doesnt mean that because of one flaw ur gonna give up and stress, I know awak tengah stress sekarang and akak faham your situation cause guess what? I've been the same situation when im in your ages, hehe *but Im prettier* jk jk, but what I really try to say that jangan compare time upsr dengan sekarang, If u do that then it will not help u at all, I know u ahve study and I know u work ur ass off and I have seen the way you ulangkaji and I have faith in you, but kalau awak sendiri x percaya diri awak then how?..

And pasal mama baba just sabar la sekajap k dik, parents are always like that, they want the best of you but sometimes they make it the wrong way believe me they love u so much and the want you to be the best in the world and so do I, I wish im there to support this crazy yeoja doengsang but I will always have you in my doa and dont worry k, I know you will do your best and stop saying adik x pandai la ape lah U ARE INTELLIGENT faham, if ur not then ur not in the class u are right now. U can do it Zafera Amran YOU CAN! :D

Minho and chanderp nak cakap goodluck ni :

:D, Yahhh i edit this just for you arachi!! :)
Love yaaaaa :* Fighting!!

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