Wednesday, 12 December 2012


well what a quite dramatic post tittle  aite? but what can I say, i wanna say it that way,LOL :P

So u probably wondering why on earth im going to write this particular topic, so im gonna tell u, that I DON'T WANNA BE IN RELATIONSHIPS right now, well I write pretty clear.
Here are few reasons:

  • Relationships really distract u from study, k before that, this post is from my point of view so if u dont agree feel free not to agree,k,as simple as that. I have been in relationships before this and for me,my self,it is a distraction. U just wanna text him, waiting for his replies, arguing, bla bla bla and so on and I think it waste my time, which I should use for other things which is more more beneficial.

  • You have to tell your partner where you been to or ask for your partner permission? like HELLO WOMAN ur not even married and I seriously hate it. Example my ex mad at me just because I didnt told him where I been to. PLEASE! even my dad is not like that. I hate to be controlled and for me I didin't care wherever he wanna go, feel free, you are young, you are still teenagers.So for me live your life while u still can.

  • I can like as many people as I want without being jealous.hahahahahhaah, right? probably in your head right now 'BITCH' but i didn't care, its not like I have relationship with them,duuhhhh and that's the best part of it.

  • At the age like this, I wanna have fun before getting into a serious relationship. I'm not saying that I dont wanna get into relationship, I do but not now, its not the right time, okay for example for my friend she's 18 now and she wanna get marry soon,but I respect her decision. and I support her for that :D

  • So what I can say is that, I wanna have relationship when I have finish study and that's when our partner are serious and committed. But it is all Allah's plan. I just pray and hope for the best. I just wanna be the best in what I do, I'm the oldest in my siblings and I really show good role to my sisters. and if u do not agree in this whole post it's up to you. This is just a part of my opinion in my cute little brain. :D

  • And believe me the time will come when u are going to have relationship, so please stop saying "I'm forever alone", God has ways to create the most beautiful way in your life, God knows better why someone is in relationship and the others not. Why she has a handsome boyfriend and vice versa. God knows everything, SO just be patient and have FAITH.
take care, xoxo

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