Thursday, 20 December 2012

The Odd Life of Timothy Green

I have just watched a movie that really touched my heart and soul, I have to admit I cried at the end of the story,it's a story about a married couple who want to have a child so bad, but unfortunately they can't get it because of reproductive problems. So one day they met the doctor, and it is a very sad news as the doctor said that Cindy the mother(main character) can't get pregnant no matter how.So they left the hospital, and they were very upset especially Cindy. So that nigh,t Jim, which is the husband, suggest that they should try again for getting a baby, but Cindy hesitate cause she said that they both know the result. So instead, they  list the character of a kid they would like to have in paper. Then they put in a box and they plant it in their garden. So that night miracles happen. It rained heavily. Jim went downstairs to get a drink when he suddenly saw something. It turned out that it was a boy with his body full of mud and dirt. They said hi and Cindy bathed Timothy,the boy with the dirt. Jim called 999 and ask them if someone lost a child but before he could finished talking he saw something and hang up. He saw something outside at the garden. He quickly went upstairs to get Cindy and at the same moment Cindy discovers something miracles. Timothy has a leaves on his leg. They were both excited and shocked. Jim asked Cindy to went outside and take a look at the garden. As soon as Cindy arrived, she can't believe what she saw. There was a big hole at the garden, the same place where they planted the box with list of character of child they want. She was so happy. So they took Timothy to kitchen to feed him. Cindy and Jim tell Timothy that he can call them as Jim and Cindy or Mr and Mrs. Green. But then Timothy said why would he address them like that, instead he call Cindy and Jim as mom and dad. They were both super duper thrilled about it. Timothy was introduced to lots of people and he has the character just the Cindy and Jim wrote in the box. The family-lifestyle begin. But what they didn't know that Timothy's life depend on the leaves that he has on his legs. Timothy kept it as a secret until the last leaves fall from his legs.

You seriously have to watch it, is a very very inspiring story even though it is a bit out of our imagination, but it is really really GOOD AND I CAN WATCH IT AGAIN AND AGAIN

Timothy Green words : 

For mom and dad,
This I know.

If you come
to me and said, "There are two people in this world ..

who wants you ...
more than anything. "

"They will do best.
They will do wrong. "

"And you just can be
with him for a while. "

"But they will love you
more than was envisaged.

If it is true, I would say, ..

"Nothing is impossible."

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