Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Newbies :)

Assalamualaikum and good evening,

haha i post good evening cause its in the evening when my friend Siti Zulaikha help me to do this blog,LOL,its my first time,seriously. K i wanna make blog since i was like 13 or 14 but i just dont have the time or else i could say i dont really know how to do it.

So when the first time i saw my friend's blog,i feel like,hye i want it too,and wallah haha,i made it, i mean my friend help me to do it,hhehhehe,if she doesn't help me now probably i still dont have this coolio blog,haha k :D

So once again i would like to give a big thanks to Ika and i would hug her now which probably she will scream,LOL,see u again, and hye i REALLY like to express my feelings,

see u when i see u :D
p/s :  this is not my hair but i bloody loves it

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