Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Ops I forgot to introduce myself, :)

  • Le name given is Noor Amira bt. Amran
  • Ze birthday is on 8 October 1994 and that makes me the  LIBRA girl,aha ;)
  • yeah i am the first child in ze family,haha,u may not believe this fact once u know me but hye im a very responsible person *cehhh*
  • yeah I LOVE eating,seriously i do not understand why people diet and starve,hello human being!! food is something u should not be avoiding, it is something to treasure and pleasure, ESPECIALLY chocolates, me and chocolate we have the best relationship ever, and will never mess my realationship with ze chocolates,hahaha
  • And just by knowing the fact that i like to eat chocolate probably in ur mind u are picturing some kind of a fat girl,haha,u are wrong people,i may not be bloody thin like  a supermodel but im just average kinda girl,im not too thin and im not too fat,just casual,hehe :P
  • Okay about my personality i am very friendly IF u got to know me,some people like "eh i thought your like snooty" DUHHHH woman in not snooty unless i hate u,aha,but seriously I like to smile and sometimes people think im crazy smiling around to people but hey i like it and in Islam smile is sadaqah right? :P
  • I like to sing and my type of songs are something that is related to my life situation,i'm not like ohh i just like that type of genre,no no no im not like that,if that song is nice and suite my mood i will like it,yeah im like that,but right now im addicted to "Live While Were Young". It is such fun song,so merry and joyful to my ears and i like "Both Of Us" aswell,i just love the lyrics
  • jyeahhh i have the most superb parents in the whole world,yeah there's a time where we're not in the same opinion but come on,that what makes both of party understand each other more,right?
  • and yeah theres more to tell but u probably be bored,haha.
so that is all about me self,haha, and if u want to know me more, call 017.......
*lol,im joking* :)
see u soon

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