Wednesday, 26 September 2012

My Boys

                                                                 One Direction

okay first of all I need to tell u im a MASSIVE fan of One Direction,the first time i heard their song i was oh my gosh i love it and who the hell sing it? then one of my cousin show them to me. At first i was oh okay, good song but after awhile i mean after i went to Jakarta i suddenly got extremely addicted to the song and i started to do some research about them,muehehehe,a bit of stalking here and there and WALLAH,haha i know just about everything,from their  full name,where they lives,what their favourite foods,snacks fav colour ,haha now u may think im a extremely stalker but hye its my first time liking a band or should i say artist this much and i dont hell know why im being like this and at first im like hye whats wrong with me but at last im like whatever i like them so who cares :D

So i still like them now or should I say forever ever ever till I die or till i have a grandchildren,LOL,if im still alive. :)

p/s: i lovelovelovelove Harry like i lovelovelove food :D

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