Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A story i could not understand

Well it begin with a girl and and a guy, they start as a couple since high school, and it was a few years ago i think, this guy well is a good looking guy and the girl well let just say plain normal but cute maybe??? K this girl capture his heart not by the appearance but her personality and heart. Sweet thing aite? He loves this girl with all his heart and deepest love he could ever feel within his years of living.
 So after they hook up,they were happy and stuff and it get to the point where the boy had finished school and they were still together. But the problem is that when the boy left the school,maybe i dont know probably the girl feel empty so she started to find a new man but she is still in a relationship with that guy. So it get to the point where one day the boy found out about it. They broke up. The boy still love her but he just couldn't take it.
Then after quite some time,they met,and the girl probably miss the guy,so she ask for a second chance. Yes the boy accept her, he still loves her even though after what she had done to him. So they were back together.
But the thing is, that girl doesn't know how to appreciate him, she act so damn childish and sometimes she doesn't pick up her phone when the guy called her, doesn't reply when the guy texted her and so on.
My point is that, when a guy accept u after u got busted liking another man while your man is so deeply in love with u, it means that he is one in a million. What I don't understand is that why she act like that,first she got busted, then she ask for second chance and now she act like the relationship is some kind of a roleplay. Girl, u don't know how lucky you are to get a guy like this, please appreciate him, maybe for u its just a relationship but u mean the world to him. He loves u really and u wanna prove? He even accepted u even though what u had done to him. Yeah maybe im a busybody but yet im bloody freaking jelalous u got him as your partner. So act matured and please understand his feeling. If u dont love him,let him go so u wouldn't hurt him and let him find someone better. Girl seriously u dont know how lucky u are. If you're not ready do not get involved in this relationship thingy, just dont and focus on your study.
Im not mocking u or something but i just wanna teach a lesson of sincere love.
 soo im sorry to post your story but don't worry im not gonna tell ur name :)

so bye bye,
see u soon,
Mira :)