Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Hey adik happy birthday,wow u are 14 already dude,hahaha time flies so fast, I remember when u were first born in this world on 23 October 1998 i was 4 years old back then. I remember asking mama which one is my sister and she said "there the one with a mole under her cute chin",and wallah there the first time i saw u,u are very very cute that i wanted to hold u right away but im a kid so they wont let me hold the baby,haha,anyway as time goes by im not quite remember how we spent our childhood together but i remember we fight a LOT,haha seriously A LOT. but u know what adik, despite we fight a LOT i realise when we both grow older we become closer and closer, u are my real best friend which i told secret that i never told to anyone,i shared my feelings to u, I cry when sometimes i feel down and u know what i only get to do that with u, as u know im a bit sensitive but i dont show my feelings to people around eventhough my bestfriends in high school,boarding school,university and even mama or baba. So thank u for being my bestfriend, my sister, my family and my siblings.
Today is ur day,so enjoy and cherish every moment k.. and please zafera do not underestimate urself,as i always said to u,ur special in ur own way,u can make people laugh easily when they with u even i cant do that, so dont be sad if ur not good at something cause u have ur own capabilities and speciality k? I always pray for u and i hope u'll be the best in whatever u do.
And one more thing, dont get in relationship if ur not ready, u are young, focus on your study first and love will come later.i know u got LOTS of crush just like me lah,haha but then make them your inspiration not just eye candy,alright,i dont want u to get hurt the way i did, and i dont want u to make the same mistake that i did,i want u to do better and in life aim something high like this quote 

Always aim for the sky.
For if you fail, at least you will reach the clouds.

 And remember FOCUS on what u do dik, i know u can do it, SO thats it,my finger also tired already,soo see u back when im home from new zealand :D
love u,
kakak :D