Sunday, 14 October 2012


Alright,who in the world haven't heard about westlife right? If there is probably they live in a cave or something,haha. So u probably wonder why i wanna post about westlife all of sudden. Its not the first time i like them but since im in standard 4 or 5 like that.

What I like about them is that their voice is original and a melody to my ear. And if someone dont like their song that is their problem,like duhhhhh.Haha, the first song that capture my heart is Seasons in the sun, then I Have a Dream and so on.

Seriously when I hear their songs im like in my own world the lyrics were arranged so perfectly and beautifully and the rhythm,oh god,just perfect but my MOST favourite song is MY LOVE. :D
I love love love love it very much.

so just a bit intro to ze members :D
Shane Filan 

Kian Egan

Mark Feehily

Brian McFadden

And last but not least MY FAVOURITE <3
Nick Byrne

 gosh i like him,hehe, and yes he is my fav in the band and eventhough he is married i still like him,hehehehe
charming eyes and smile that capture my heart aite :P

so thats all,hehe just wanna stop by cause today,one whole day im listening to my fav band :D, WESTLIFE

so long peeps,

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