Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Marcee Matanawee Keenan

okay maybe u havent heard of this name before,so do i, but by the time I saw this face, oh my im melting with his handsomeness and cuteness,damnnnnnn,but guess what she's a girl. K i have a crush on her face,LOL,hahaha but seriously he look like a dude,boy,man whatever, hahahahaahahahh!

DAMNNNNNN tolong la,nape laaaaaa kau perempuan,hahahaha
i bet u cant believe she is a man right? yeahhhhh calm people calm :D

Name:  Marcee Matanawee Keenan
D.O.B: 27/10/1988
height: 165 cm
weight: 55kg 
and she has the mix Thailand, British and Indonesia.
yeah no wonder.(bak kata hazirah)