Thursday, 18 October 2012

New Zealand

Hello people and assalamualaikum to all of u,hahaha ceh it's like im giving speech or something,hahah guess what?? Im at New Zealand now for one month :D and yess im staying at my aunt's house, to be exact at uncle rod and mama bis's house, the flight took about 11 hours and yeah my butt cramps and i can manage that :D,hahahah and we arrived around 12.15 in the morning and guess what my luggage is still in kl but its okay it will arrive today btw,the weather here is so refreshing and its spring season and the temperature is about 10-19 degrees. windy and just nice.

AND I got to ride IN LAMBORGHINI people,like jyeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,hahahaaha, and mamabis's bmw 645ci that means it can be roofless,hahahaahah feel so great and the range rover is so awesome :)
at first i thought im going to be jet lag but no cause im the sleeping queen,hahaha, the food was amazing and the environment just fantastic.

and uncle rod's garden is so big and cozy with all the trees and theres wild rabbit sthere but i dont see them yet maybe if im lucky then i can see the rabbits.

We went to shopping earlier today and believe me the supermarket is so much better here, the service is amazing.