Tuesday, 9 October 2012

My Birthday

Happy Birthday to u,
Happy Birthday to u,
Happy Birthday to Mira,
Happy Birtday to u
hehe,that was the song my family and friends sang to me yesterday. Wow,at 12.30 a.m on 8 October 1994,which was yesterday i was born in this beautiful world,hahaha cant believe i had bene living for 18 years now,there so much to do, so much to accomplish, we'll of course my parents and sisters give me presents and so my friends :D

1. The firts picture is a watch,which was from my baba
2. The second picture was from my sister(zafera) *the blue blazer*from kitschen
3. The third picture was from me mother *blouse from nithci* 
4. and of course the shoes was from my sister *baby*

1. The first picture is a chain from my friends *naadiyah, hazrah, ieka, auni, piqa*
and the name is Styles because I,mira amran LOVE Hary Styles very much,aha :P
2. The second picture which is the blue piano thing,its a card holder so that i could put my matrix card in it
3. and last the packaging,it was so cute,hahahaah

p/s : i still haven't meet my cousin so i kinda wait for their presents,aha :P

So I wanna say a massive thank u to my family and friends who gave me presents and of course to people that wish me thank u so much, for u it may just be a wish but it means a lot to me, thank u so much :)

this is my thank u face lol *vain kejap*

so bye bye,
see u soon,

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